Sunday, January 11, 2009

dna reflector number one


after a while i started to develop ideas for a new series and started working on the series dna reflectors. this then is the first i finished about a year and a half ago. it feels longer as i have been also working on the next one which has taken oh, about a year so far. i actually started it while still working on the first one. they are an interpretation of the idea earth humans could have had once 12 strands of dna where 1o strands had somehow been turned off. i'm pretty sure my first encounter with this thought was through marciniak, but i have to give some shout to clow also. it hints at the idea also of evolution or where we are going. when we are going. how will civilization move forward and survive? obviously certain ideological constructs are too removed from the real needs of life to merit much obsession. certain ideas about how best to govern and run things just simply do not represent the best we know we can do. so this series then will all be designed as a form of sacred art where each is a suspended moment in space-time wave propagator. each new wave then strums the shadow or ghost of each lost strand of dna. eventually all 12 will someday ring one giant note.